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> Creation & upkeep of gardens

You wish to have grounds with structured clumps of trees, pruned in a straight line, or you prefer a garden easy to live with, having bright flowers. Thanks to our experience in arranging outdoor spaces and to remaining always attentive, you imagine and we create the garden of your dreams. We also provide renewal of existing gardens.

We travel to each project in order to carry out a study as close as possible to our customers' expectations:

  • Design and realisation of the plan of the garden
  • Excavation and riprap
  • Design and realisation of integrated watering systems
  • Landscape masonry: small wall, fountain, etc.
  • Outside fence
  • Planting of vegetables
  • Seeding lawns or laying of pre-grown grass

Free study and estimates

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> Current upkeep of gardens & green spaces

  • Mowing
  • Hedge trimming
  • Ornamental trimming
  • Upkeep of clumps of trees
  • Regular control of the watering system
  • Fertilising
  • Scanning of lawns

The regularity of these interventions can be daily, weekly, monthly or annual.


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