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> Clearing and Trimming

Clearing and trimming makes it possible to enhance natural spaces and to manage their development while at the same time making dwellings more secure. In our region, which is particularly fragile with regard to fires, this work is all the more important.

Private individuals are legally required to clear their grounds in order to limit the effects of fire on property and persons. Since the prefectural decree of 5 April 2004, clearing must meet specific criteria.

> Clearing

  • Around a property
  • Clearing and trimming a pine forest
  • Clearing a field
  • Clearing and cleaning draining ditches and moats

> Trimming

  • Light trimming of trees
  • Cutting down trees
  • Thinning of branches for reasons of safety
  • Trimming of aligned trees
  • Removal of branches and wood under our care

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